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Whether you are new to wigs or have used them in the past, when it comes to AJCustom Wigs, proper care is key. It is important to get into a good routine with your human hair wig from the start because proper care equals a longer lasting unit. Keep in mind that unlike your own hair, which receives natural hydration from the oils on your scalp, lace wigs do not have a natural hydration source. Therefore, keeping your wig hydrated is an important factor to keeping it healthy and in good condition. With proper care and maintenance your wig, should provide years of beauty and confidence. 

You should wash your wig only as needed. First, secure it to a mannequin head to prevent any slipping during the washing process. Attaching the piece to a mannequin head before washing is the most important step to avoid inversion of the hair through the cap.

AJ does not recommend the following:

  • Swimming in your unit

  • Applying conditioner to the roots

  • Applying hair spray

  • Sleeping in your unit

Step By Step To Washing Your AJCustom Unit

Brush Your Unit

One of the most important step is to brush your wig out before washing it. This helps to minimize the possibility of breakage and shedding because the hair is at its weakest when wet. Keep in mind it is also more susceptible to breakage when wet. 

Wetting The Hair

Wet the hair by allowing water to run down in the natural direction of the hair from crown to the ends. Be careful to always rinse using this simple method. Do not rinse in circular motion while wetting the hair. Also, run water close to the hair. 


Working gently with your fingertips, squeeze the hair to lather the shampoo. Lightly stroke the hair. Avoid using circular motions while lathering the hair. In addition, be sure to shampoo the inside of the cap. Rinse thoroughly and repeat a second time to ensure your unit is free of residue buildup.


Applying a small amount of conditioner starting at the ends of the hair working up towards the roots stopping just short of the roots by half an inch. Move your hands through the hair gently, evening out the conditioner. Allow the conditioner to absorb for an approximation of 10 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with cold water. This will help close the cuticles of the hair to seal in the moisture. If you find that deep conditioning is necessary, then that can be done as well. 


After rinsing unit, it is now time to carefully place unit in a towel, then gently remove excess water by squeezing from root to tip. Make sure to never rub your wig dry with a towel. We highly recommend air-drying your wig, which leaves your unit with a more natural look. To prevent frizzing once the hair is dry, apply a small amount of hair oil to the hair.

With proper care and maintenance your AJCustom Unit, the following steps should provide years of beauty and confidence.  If you should find that your unit eventually needs attention or repair, we will be happy to do so. Please email us at for a repair quote.

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